Applications close July 31st, 2022.
An 'About' page. Kinda.
Here are some things we believe and some things we think are important. We hope they vibe with you too ❤️
Core Beliefs:
  • Creators like you are a large part of what makes today’s internet valuable and you are the most important ingredient in its evolution going forward.
  • As creators, artists, musicians, etc., you deserve to capture more of the immense value you create for society.
  • Web 3 is a massive paradigm shift that provides you the tools to thrive as a creator in ways that are truly authentic to you and your communities, audiences, fans, etc.
  • The metaverse or ‘Web 3’ is a blank canvas that will be designed by the artists and creators embracing these technologies today.

Key Values:
  • Artist-led and artist-first: There are plenty of programs for startups, technologists, and the like, but The Mintery will stay firmly rooted in artist sensibilities and in serving the needs of creators.
  • Conscious: The Mintery will lean into projects that have a social good component. We want to encourage creators that are trying to generate more than a quick buck. Further, as we’re building on Stacks, we will not create additional environmental impact with our collections.
  • Additive over Extractive: Our program teaches creators that NFTs are not about extracting value from an audience, but further building community and bringing about new ways of engaging with each other.
  • Collaborative: Between program leads, mentors, and all the creators in the cohort, collaboration is inevitable and by design. We also take this a step further by supporting creators that may be coming from other networks, embracing multi-chain projects, and facilitating key partnerships for each creator.
  • Experimental and Flexible: Each artist will have a different vision and different needs. The program embraces this in its design and encourages experimentation. We will never simply push a templated approach on your concept.

Mintery Program Pillars:
A little more about what the program stands on and why.

Versed: Metaverse Literacy
NFTs are proving a gateway to the metaverse, as well as a primitive. The creators of tomorrow don’t need to have a distributed systems PhD, but they will need to be somewhat versed in the world of crypto, blockchain, and metaverse. The Mintery will work to ensure creators come out with enough knowledge to navigate and thrive in this new economy; this education is the most important aspect of the program.

Minter-ship: Learning from the best
A veritable menagerie of mentors will make certain The Mintery delivers the highest impact content and feedback throughout the program. We have confirmed mentors from organizations including VNFT (Vayner Media), CityCoins, Okcoin, as well as leaders from top NFT projects to guide you.

Made to Mint: A cohort experience made for you
This program isn’t about scale, it’s designed to empower creators of many types starting in different places. The program tailors both the creator’s mentor assignments and the content based on their specific needs.
Discover success in Web 3 and unlock your full potential as a creator. We're considering more cohorts, let us know if you're interested:
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