A mentorship-driven program helping creators launch successful Bitcoin-secured NFTs.
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THE MINTERY IS A PLACE FOR CREATORS. We're taking what we've learned to help creators get what they deserve, starting with a 30-day NFT-focused program. Enter and succeed in a new economy, the metaverse, where you are fairly rewarded and always in charge.
Tech support, designers, engineers, talent! You get help on everything from Discord to merch integrations & more.
Mentorship well beyond 'advice'. Our mentors are creators and Web3 leaders that will work alongside you.
We work directly with the largest organizations, individuals, & channels in Web 3. Your project will be seen.
Leveraging Web 3 to RIght wrongs and fix what's broken
As creators and artists, you deserve to capture more of the value you create. Our mission is to educate and arm you with tools to do so.
The program is designed to meet you where you are and help you reason through every key aspect of your NFT with experts and other artists. From there, technology partners help you bring it to life.
Each of you will start in a different place. The program embraces this, with early programming meeting you where you are. You will sift through ideas and test your muses/inspirations/instincts and quickly move toward a blueprint for a cohesive NFT project.
You may know a lot about NFTs, you may know almost nothing. We'll move fast through key topics in and around the world of NFTs and the metaverse so you'll be equipped to make important decisions (now, and well after you leave the program).
It wouldn't be 'The Mintery' without minting your collections. We'll take you all the way through and our technology partners will make minting your (even complex) NFTs an earth-friendly snap.
Throughout the program, you will learn and begin implementing best practices for building a successful NFT collection and community. After mint though, we hit the turbo button and amplify your project to the tens of millions in our partner network.
The schedule is more of a guideline than a strict rule. Everyone will receive the core programming, but project development will naturally move at different paces for different creators/projects.
Focus on workshopping your NFT concepts and making key decisions. Sessions cover NFT fundamentals.
Week 1
Creative sessions and hands-on mentorship as you bring your concept to life. Sessions are themed around community building, growth, and marketing.
Week 2
Continue creative push to bring your NFT collection into focus. Sessions themed around your technology needs and rollout planning.
Week 3
Final refinement of your collection and collection launch planning. Sessions will focus on marketing, PR, and more.
Week 4
Demo Day! All projects will have an opportunity to present in front of an audience curated by the Mintery staff.
The Mintery focuses on a new generation of NFTs on Bitcoin built via Stacks. The market for Stacks NFTs are growing fast and offer some unique advantages to creators
  • Secure and sound
    Stacks transactions settle to Bitcoin, meaning all your NFTs will be secured by the most battle-tested chain in the world.
  • Sustainable
    Minting NFTs on Stacks doesn't require energy expenditure because it recycles electricity already spent.
  • Low gas fees
    With gas fees that rarely exceed $0.07 and are often much less, your collection will be accessible to everyone.
  • Bitcoin yield-generating NFTs
    Because of Stacks unique relationship with Bitcoin, you can create NFTs that provide a Bitcoin yield!
  • Engagement
    The Stacks NFT market is still young & growing, but creators are finding a purchase-ready audience for their collections
  • Bridges
    Other Stacks builders have created bridges that allow Stacks NFTs to move to and from ETH and other networks.
We're not just trying to find the most popular creators or projects or those that will 'sell the most'. Instead, we're looking to invite a diversity of creators and projects that will push the envelope.
  • Your medium. Is it unique or innovative? We're not just looking for illustrators or PFP collections.
  • Your community. Is it engaged? It doesn't matter how big, just that they roll for you.
  • Your style. We're looking for artists that are going to push the boundaries of NFTs.
  • Motivations. We're definitely providing bonus points to creators that want to accomplish some social good with their collections.
  • Fit with Stacks, Bitcoin. We'll prioritize projects we believe will benefit most from the unique aspects of Bitcoin NFTs on Stacks.
The following organizations are represented by program mentors or provide other key support to Mintery creators.
Unanswered questions? Hit us at [email protected]
What's the catch?
The catch is you give back to other artists. A set % of your mint and a small ongoing royalty go back to the Mintery to fund more cohorts.
Will Mintery own my work?
No. We think it's critical that you decide how ownership of your work is managed for your collection. We'll provide information and guidance on these decisions.
What if I created a collection on OpenSea or similar?
No problem! That experience will only help you. We believe in a multi-chain world and can even teach you to benefit from bridging collections on different networks.
Definitely, the Mintery has some pretty clear core beliefs and values. They are a work in progress, check 'em out:
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